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Hello everyone,

Happy New Year, all the best to you in 2019!

I would like to start off with an apology as I've been absent for roughly a year. It certainly wasn't intended but this last year had more downs than ups for me and it was a little bit of a struggle. I hope those words don't worry you as it wasn't anything severe with my health or anything along those lines. It was a time that, albeit not the greatest, it greatly consisted of self-discovery and a deeper personal understanding. I took the time to analyze and figure some things out for myself.

I realized that when I came up with the idea for this blog in 2017, I was a little ambitious; to be able to have something done once a week and share it for everyone to check out was more than I could handle. Although it would've probably helped me keep up with my passion for art, in whatever form it decided to com in. Despite all that though I wasn't completely out of photography and film while I was inactive on here. I continued photographing concerts and even did a little bit of video work but a lot of my time was spent writing.

Within that 'dead' time I also managed to revamp my website (as you can see).

So, in the summer of 2017 I was contacted by a company named SleekLens, what they do is create actions for people to use within Photoshop and Lightroom, fully automated and adjustable within themselves if they're being used in Photoshop CC (I'm not sure about Lightroom). I was asked to review their actions for their 'Landscape Adventures Set'. This request had synced up pretty well for me as I had just returned from a three-week trip abroad. I was extremely excited to give this product a go and write an awesome review for SleekLens. Which would also hopefully help people better understand how actions may work and how you might be able to get your desired effect from a product like that.

I had intended to make at least two blog posts with images from my trip for everyone, and along with that, both blogs were going to involve the SleekLens actions and some explanations on how I used them. Unfortunately that didn't go as planned as I suffered from some data-loss, which was infuriating for me because I was extremely excited for this opportunity. Luckily I managed to get most of those files back recently.

I'm not sure if I've burned that bridge with SleekLens but I intend to still get those reviews done and I will use whatever images I managed to save from my trip two years ago, so if you're interested in something like that I hope you come back to my site to check it out.

I'm putting this blog post up now because I think I'm ready to try this again, obviously the rules will be different for me but I really want to do this. I still have a passion for this and I need a way to express myself and do what I love. I am going to try my best to have a post for you guys at least once a month, if opportunities come up that will allow me to post more then I hopefully will.

As I had said in my first ever blog post: "To those reading I invite you to join me if you'd like! If you're available and want to come out, feel free, e-mail me, get in touch lets do this. You wanna shoot photos? Come on down, you wanna shoot video? You are more than welcome. You wanna be the focus and stand in front of the lens, LETS DO IT! Anyone and everyone is welcome. You don't know how to use a camera and wanna learn? Come on down! I won't say no to anyone. Let's all gather and get creative, learn from another."

I hope you all like the new website and I hope that you'll enjoy the new blog posts and content that I will continue to add and update on here.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this and I hope to see you again next time!

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