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Hello everybody!

Welcome to a very VERY delayed blog post by yours truly, the girl who can't keep up with things because, lets face it she just sucks at it.

For anybody returning from a previous post, I thank you and you are a champion for sticking through it and being patient and waiting for me to possibly post something else that you're interested in reading or just looking at.

I'm gonna be honest here everyone. I never pegged myself as a blog person, and no, it's not because I can't keep up with things (although that certainly plays a roll). I just never thought I could get into it, the concept was so foreign to me, it felt weird, the idea of just writing a whole bunch of stuff and people actually being interested in reading about it and following you. I never thought I was that interesting, or what I did was that interesting, and it probably isn't but I'm doing it anyway.

Alright here's the deal. Like I wrote in my first blog post, I started this whole thing so that I could keep at things and get the creative juices flowing, to try and not having to deal with a buildup of frustrations because I can't be creative; trying to form some sort of workflow and justifying certain things to myself.

Truth is, I didn't really do much over the last two months. I've been severely depressed. Life has been rough and I haven't been dealing with it very well. It could be the winter blues or it could just be my messed up brain, I don't know, but winter up here in The Great White North starts to get to you by February and March because, it's still so damn cold and you don't want it to be, we barely get any sun and you just feel drained, it's shitty really and I know that a lot of the northern states are getting hit by all this too. Power through it yo, we Canadians do it every year. And to be honest I consider myself a 'squishy' Canadian, because down here in The City Of Toronto, the weather we deal with is nothing compared to all the other major cities across this country. I mean, they are tanks, just pushing through minus thirties for like five months.

Anyways, back on track. The first month of this 'New Years Resolution' I was doing pretty good. I mean my second post was lousy because I unfortunately got sick, but being sick made me work on those photos I took in Ireland that had been sitting around for like two years.

After that I had content ready for the third but I just never got to finishing it because the downhill part of life just kinda showed up out of nowhere and I found myself rolling all the way to the bottom.

So I present you, the blog post that was intended to be sent out at the end of January!

My friend Christos and I decided to go downtown again for this post (I was buying a new lens. Two birds one stone, ya know?). We had to reschedule some things for the day so we found ourselves once again in Toronto's core. We pondered on how to kill time and we decided that we should try to make a video, shoot in a day and do all the post-production in a week so that it can be ready for the blog.

So that's the idea we stuck to.

While I was in school, I had an editing project assigned to me that was intended to teach us the difference between various types of shots, wide shots, medium shots, close-ups, reverse shots, inserts e.t.c. we were told that we had to show, in this video, how to eat something or how we cook / make something, it was some sort of odd thing like that. I of course, had no concept on what to do for this project and as always I procrastinated and left everything to the final moment, very typical of me.

Eventually I had decided to make a video on how I make sandwiches, the due date for the project was getting closer and I just really needed to do something. Christo's and I had made small silly videos before so we thought to do the same thing with this one.

I managed to get everything done in time while also learning how frustrating DaVinci Resolve can be when you're a complete and total noob.

Anyways, so this school project was the birth of 'Toast'. I don't want to spoil too much about the silly little video we put together so instead I'll post a link for you to take a look if you'd like. Although, I would definitely recommend it as you'll have to watch it to get a better grasp of the video that Christos and I made for the sake of this blog.


© 2016 SlaughterHouse Media & Divine Paradox Films

So as our long day was just beginning downtown we decided that we would make a video, like I already stated and that this video would be a sequel to 'Toast'. Why? Because why not? We were downtown to have some fun, we hadn't shot anything in some time and now that I come to think of it, 'Toast 2 (REVENGE)' was the first video project that was fully completed in 2017 by us.

The whole video was shot in and around Ryerson University's downtown campus. No tripods, no rigs. Just our hands, a 5D MK III and a Canon 50mm Ultrasonic 1.4. The overcast day provided a nice dullness to everything so getting a nice decent exposure on most of the shots wasn't too hard to do. Christos and I completed all the post production from home. All the dialogue was recorded at home and the music was done at home. Nothing left my computer or his.

It's not anything amazing and I'm not claiming it is anything amazing. We just did it for the fun of it, just to do something.

It's way off from anything professional but we're both pretty proud of the work we accomplished; especially in fields that none of us really know about, things that we've only briefly ever looked at because we know we suck at it and we have people that we trust to do for our projects.

Anyways, if you watched the first one and had a giggle, take a couple of minutes to check the second one out too.

Toast 2 (REVENGE)

© 2017 SlaughterHouse Media & Divine Paradox Films

Before I close this up, here's a photo for you guys. I mean I am a photographer too and this is on my photography site.

This was just a quick snap I took between finding the next spot we wanted to shoot at. I really liked the contrast of the newer, contemporary, straight lines leading to the old, sharp, pointed architecture of another time. That steeple just fit so perfectly right between those buildings, the lines kinda feeling like they're telling you to look down in the distance.

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this blog post. I welcome comments and feedback so feel free to get in touch.

Also, as a head up, we are indeed planning to make a third 'Toast.' So if you thoroughly enjoyed the first two, keep your eyes peeled for the conclusion of our trilogy.

Thanks everyone, till next time!

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