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Hello everyone!

For those that are checking out my blog for the first time WELCOME!

For those returning, I'm glad to see that you're still interested THANK YOU!

This passed week was a little difficult for me. Between some work and feeling under the weather I didn't really have a chance to go out and do any shooting, which saddens me a little bit because I was excited to do so. I am crossing my fingers hoping that this coming week will work out a little better for me.

So, why am I still posting? Well, I made a promise to myself and I'm gonna stick to it as best as I can. Although like I said, I didn't get a chance to go out and play around and shoot fun random things; I have tons of photos that I haven't had a chance to push through and this new, 'resoloution' is also helping me get other things done as well.


A little over two years ago now, I had the chance to go to a country that I always wanted to visit. It wasn't a long stay and It's only made me want to go back even more and actually spend the time to explore more of the history and culture of this island.

During my second year at Durham College's Digital Photography Program, I convinced my friend Katie to come along with me and my mother to spend four days exploring what we could in the small yet large, bustling, history filled city of Dublin, Ireland.

The experience was great, short lived but still fantastic.

I spent six years living abroad, in a country filled with culture and a language unique to it's borders, a country brimming with history from ancient times and yet Ireland still intrigued me tremendously. Living in Greece was amazing, I was surrounded by culture and history; but in the condensed streets of Dublin I found myself once again surrounded by centuries of history. Each step showed me a different time of this city, all within blocks of each-other. You took one step and looked around at modern life, another and you found yourself within cobblestone streets that belonged to the Victorian era, a turn to the right and you were looking up at the tall, squared off building of the Georgian era, each window growing smaller as it got closer to the roof. A few more steps and after crossing the street (looking right first then left), you were standing beneath a massive, Gothic cathedral a bridge connecting two parts of the same church over a street. A little further down you could see a small concealed area, within it, artifacts dating to the viking era.

It was truly fantastic and I wish I had spent more time there, but, I will return at some point and next time, I'll get out of the city and witness the country and it's beautiful landscapes. The small towns and their little pubs and inns, the culture and folklore that surrounds Ireland.

As I've stated, I was only there for four days, but if you get a chance to go to Ireland, I would say take it.

Thanks for reading everyone. I don't want to be writing too much because I don't want to bore you guys. There's so much more I could say about Ireland but perhaps, when I go back I'll make another blog post about it and maybe get more into things if you guys are interested in reading about that sort of thing.

Anywho, below you can find a few photos from my trip there, I hope you like them and enjoy them.

Till next week. Have a good one ya'll and thanks for reading.

—Anna Sklavos—

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